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DJ Ms. Tan Interview

Multi-talented DJ, Host, Motivational Speaker, IHeart Traffic and Weather Reporter 93.3 101.5, 107.3 97.9 ,99.1 and 104.1  and a Notary.  DJ Ms. Tan, is phenomenal example of hard work and dedication. DJ Ms. Tan continues on her multi-faceted journey in entertainment and music for over 15 years.  From acting, artist management, and successfully producing her own podcast, DJ Ms. Tan has the ability to evolve her brand even more. She began her career after receiving her Bachelor’s in Mass Communications. She is also a certified life skills coach . She quickly attained valuable experience and honed her vocal speaking skills while working on air as an announcer on one of Jacksonville’s most popular radio stations. During her  time as a radio announcer her love for music motivated her to master the art of DJing.  She cultivated her abilities through long hours of performing in night clubs and public events where she also served as a host.

These opportunities also afforded her to performed with some of the most talented national acts and entertainers. Her personalized quote describes her DJing style, “A good DJ plays music you want to hear, DJ Ms. Tan plays the music you didn’t know you wanted to hear”. No matter what genre of music, DJ Ms. Tan possesses the essential qualities to add fun and happiness to any event.  With a non-stop work attitude, and willingness to travel where her talents are needed,  DJ Ms Tan is able to network with other entertainment professionals thru her new partnership with the Worldwide Fleet DJs and individuals all over the world.  Check out the other Menu items to see what DJ Ms Tan is up to! 

-DJ Ms Tan-

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Motivatonal Speaker

 I want to speak at your event !!!!

I want you to not just be alive, but live life to the fullest after experiencing pain, trauma, grief and all of the lemons that life can give us. One of my focuses, is in living through the grief of child loss.  I earned my Life Skills In this thing called LIFE. 


  I would like to  help people with making decisions about improving their personal and professional lives while grieving . Making these decisions while grieving can be extremely difficult. I know this firsthand because in 2015 my dad died, in 2017 I got a divorce from a 24 year relationship, in 2018 my 22 year old son was murdered, in 2019 lost my job I had for 15 years because I wasn’t coping well with my the death of my son.  In 2020 my grandmother died also in 2020 my sister who was only 13 months older than me was murdered. Then in 2021 my Uncle died, just 6 weeks later my mom died from natural causes, BUT I have decided.. It’s ok 2 live and I want to help you do the same!!!


 One of my main Goals in this life is to help you reach a level where you know, It’s Ok 2 Live regardless of what you have been through or going though in your life!

 I can to help you do this with  motivation , strategies and music.


Tanya “DJ Ms. Tan” Cummings

Tanya Cummings LSC
Wants to help you understand that
It’s ok 2 Live!
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JoColby's Heart was established after his mom DJ Ms Tan watched her own daughter struggle in silence with the death of her brother . He was her best friend. 

Jacolby Heart
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